ARFIMA is a privately held global proprietary trading company. All of our trading is executed for our own account. We are present in a wide range of assets classes, both domestically and internationally.

We search to identify and capture opportunities in global markets. We build on top technology, risk management, experience and quantitative research. We use Algorithmic trading as part of our search for efficiency and optimizacion.

We put our expertise in the relentless search of diverse trading strategies where return is adequately combined with the appropriate risks. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.

We understand and analyze risk. We take financial risk in the day to day to achieve adequate returns. We trade guided by constant innovation with impeccable execution.

At ARFIMA, we believe that research, discipline and mostly the desire to learn constantly are the foundation to grow both personally and professionally. We have achieved these thanks to a commitment to innovation and created a culture that promote team work and collaboration. We thrive of joining efforts to achieve common goals.

ARFIMA realizes how necessary has become to invest in our divesify teams in order to maintain and develop our in-depth knowledge about both the market and the latest financial valuation models. This is why at ARFIMA we trust and invest in people who can help us on achieving those goals and on new ideas they could bring us.

We believe that success builds up in unyielding discipline, intellectual curiosity and long patience.

We are partnered with BGC and GFI

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